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Monday, October 3, 2011

My Everyday Look

Hi all ! Here's a little tutorial of how I do my everyday/go-to makeup routine. 
In class while making this post. I'm so hungry..

So I already applied my moisturizer on. Concealed under my eye, around my nose and mouth area and forest of pimples on my forehead. Powered those areas to keep them in place. 
My eye. my nose is so huge and distorted...
Lined my brows with a drugstore pencil. I think it was a eyeliner pencil 
Using my NYX white shimmering pencil, I proceed to hilight the inner corner and bottom lash line.
Crazy eye bag right there.....
My right eye looks brighter and less tired right?
Now taking Maybelline Eyestudio gel and my angled brush....
I lined my bottom waterline and slightly wing it out (since it is waterproof gel)
ewww eye bags...
Now I lined my upper eye lid and connected it with the little wing I made
Right eye is lined while the other is not ! 
Take le blush and proceed to brush up cheeks to a healthier color
(I was sick for the whole week so I look sickly gahhh)
Curled lashes and applied Lancome Hypnose Doll Lashes on le lashes
(Got this for free when I went to see Michelle Phan at Fashion Night Out (: )
Finishing touch! Smeared on some nude lipstick ! 
Volia ! Finito ! 
Camwhore 1
Camwhore 2
Ugly camwhore. Yeeeeeeee


  1. yo! I love to use white or light pink liner on the bottom eyelids! too;)