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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MOTD- Eyepencils

Hey there beautiful ladies! As I promised, here's a post on my makeup of the day :) Simply made using only pencils and lip balm

I used Neutrogena 3-in-1 Concealer for eyes in Light 10. This actually lasted me a year so far but it's going to expire next month :( This contained 0.37 oz(10.4g) of liquid. When I first bought it, I thought it would last me a month but to my surprise, this wonderful product provided lasting concealment to this day. I concealed my dark circles (I have not been getting enough sleep lately so this is a must for me to have on whenever I go outside!)

I used a drugstore eyebrow pencil in natural taupe with a brush at the other end. I love the easy applying from this but I hate the fact you can't un-twist the pencil ( I sometimes twist up too much of the pencil and end up squishing it when I put the cap on ...) 

Using drugstore eyeliner pencils, I lined my top and bottom eye with the brown first then lined the upper waterline with black. This was to prevent smudging if I did it the other way around. Also I used the black to line the bottom from the end to the mid of the eye. Taking the white liner, I simply made small strokes under my eyebrow where the brow bone was.Then I smudged it to give it a subtle hint of shine. 

Alright I know this eye look can't be finished without the mascara BUT i had a reason to not put it on. My eyes were kinda dry today so I figured I was going to use eyedrops and mascara would just be ruined from the drops; making me look like I'm PMSing. 

Finish up with EOS lip balm! I love this balm since it hydrates my lips and it comes in a cute ball-like packaging. My lips stay nice and smooth for the whole day with this baby on ;D  

So there you have it, my very first makeup post. I'm planning the next one to be more of an intense eye makeup look. Reason why is that my homework for one of my art classes is to paint a self-portrait and my teacher suggested to get a look down if we wanted. I have something in mind and I hope it goes out well ><;;! 

....So I'm just gonna leave this here ... :) 


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Beginning

Just a start up of a new blog; nothing much now since I'm being pulverized by the work given by my teachers /shot...
I will think of things to post up but my friend is a blogger here and got me to blog :) 
Expect things to come soon 

- IOU Beauty